REACH: 10 sostanze SVHC prioritarie per l’autorizzazione

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REACH: 10 sostanze SVHC prioritarie per l’autorizzazione

fonte Aggiornamento Normativo – REACH: 10 sostanze SVHC prioritarie per l’autorizzazione 1256
ECHA ha individuato 10 sostanze SVHC come prioritarie per l’inserimento nell’allegato XIV di REACH, ovvero nell’elenco delle sostanze soggette ad autorizzazione.
Le sostanze sono tutte cancerogene o tossiche per la riproduzione e usate in applicazioni con potenziale esposizione per il lavoratore.
La decisione finale in merito all’inclusione delle sostanze nell’allegato XIV sarà presa dalla Commissione europea in collaborazione con gli Stati membri e il Parlamento europeo.

# Substance name andSVHC property EC number Uses in the scope of authorisation  (examples)
1 Formaldehyde, oligomeric reaction products with aniline (technical MDA) (carcinogenic) 500-036-1 Hardener for epoxy resins; curing agent for polymers
2 Arsenic acid (carcinogenic) 231-901-9 Used to modify properties of glass and in the production of printed circuit boards
3 Dichromium tris (chromate) (carcinogenic) 246-356-2 Anti-corrosion surface treatments of steel and aluminium in the construction and the aeronautic sectors
4 Strontium chromate (carcinogenic) 232-142-6 Anti-corrosion coatings in the aeronautic/aerospace,  coil coating and vehicle coating sectors
5 Potassium hydroxyoctaoxodi-zincatedichromate (carcinogenic) 234-329-8 Anti-corrosion coatings in the aeronautic/aerospace and vehicle coating sectors
6 Pentazinc chromate octahydroxide (carcinogenic) 256-418-0 Anti-corrosion coatings in the vehicle coating and the aeronautic/aerospace sectors
7 Bis(2-methoxyethyl) ether (Diglyme) (toxic for reproduction) 203-924-4 Primarily used as a reaction solvent or process chemical in distillation applications; further in batteries and in the production of plastics
8 N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMAC) (toxic for reproduction) 204-826-4 Solvent in synthesis, the production of synthetic fibres,  in industrial coatings, paint strippers, insulation paper,  films and membranes
9 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) (carcinogenic) 203-458-1 Solvent in the manufacture of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals and in mixtures for biochemical applications
10 2,2′-dichloro-4,4′-methylenedianiline (MOCA) (carcinogenic) 202-918-9 Curing agent in resins and in the production of polymer articles

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